Lateral Moves Monitor

Lateral Moves Monitor tracks partner moves across the UK's top 50 law firms, capturing the practice specialism of the partner and geographical location. By analyzing this database the user can gain a unique insight into the practice area where most lateral moves are taking place and which firms are hiring.

Lateral hire data gives a strong indicator of the practice and geographic markets where firms are growing their capabilities, providing a deep insight into the growth strategy of your competitors and allowing you to quickly respond to any competitive threat to your firm or exploit a potential opportunity.

  • Which competitor firms have made the most lateral hires in your core practice areas?
  • Are different firms entering your key practice areas or geographies?
  • Which firms have recruited into a practice area in overseas markets?
  • How has the partner resourcing by practice area of your key competitor changes over the last three years.
  • What has been the overseas resourcing strategy of your competitors?
  • Is the growth of competitors driven by lateral hires or internal promotions? 
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