Horizon Scanning: Modernizing Legal Service Delivery

Why this report, why now?

If we could know in 2020 what we will know in 2025 (only five foreseeable years into the future), how would we change our attitudes, actions, and the way in which we practice law, the services we offer, the clients we target, and the ways in which we choose to deliver our services? Indeed – if we could have known a year ago the events of the first three months in 2020, what might we have done to prepare?

The American writer and humorist, Mark Twain, advised: “When everybody is out digging for gold, the business to be in is selling shovels!” So, what foreseeable trend may represent the figurative “shovel” that every client will need tomorrow?

Horizon Scanning: Modernizing Legal Service Delivery takes a look at the ways in which the delivery of legal services might change in the foreseeable future, bringing together the advice of leading industry practitioners and consultants who scan the legal horizon for indicators of change, offering their predictions, and sharing experience and practical guidance.

Including analysis of the impact of COVID19 on legal services, this timely book will help law firms prepare for the known and unknown disruptions that will impact their business models over the next few years.


Chapter 1: Seeing the future first – analyzing strategic trends

By Patrick J. McKenna, author, lecturer, strategist, and advisor to the leaders of premier law firms

Chapter 2: The customer is always right – how client expectations will shape the delivery of legal services

By David Kerr, director, Moore Legal Technology

Chapter 3: What customer-focused really means for law firms

By Jon Whittle, Jon Whittle Consulting Ltd

Chapter 4: Considering the end-client

By Jason P. Williams, global head of client service management, HSBC

Chapter 5: Lawyers must win the technology race

By Wayne Hassay, managing partner, Maguire Schneider Hassay, LLP

Chapter 6: The future of spend management – using AI to improve the ROI of vendor relationships

By Nathan Cemenska, Wolters Kluwer

Chapter 7: The silver bullet fallacy of technology

By Merry Neitlich, managing partner of EM Consulting, and Jerry Rosenthal, business process improvement leader, author, and speaker

Chapter 8: Relationship management redefined with data

By Lucy Bassli, founder and principal, InnoLegal Services

Chapter 9: The value conversation – people and processes before technology

By David Galbenski, Lumen Legal

Chapter 10: Future growth is in focusing on industry expertise

By Patrick J. McKenna, author, lecturer, strategist, and advisor to the leaders of premier law firms

Chapter 11: 360 degrees of law

By Mary Juetten, founder and CEO, Traklight

Chapter 12: The impact of COVID -19 on future legal operations and the legal marketplace

By Richard Brzakala

Chapter 13: Litigation management in an uncertain world

By Paul Williams, partner and general liability practice co-chair, Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP

Horizon Scanning: Modernizing Legal Service Delivery

Price: £157
ISBN: 978-1-78358-394-2
Format: Paperback