Tomorrow's Naked Lawyer

THE NAKED lawyer is back by popular demand! This time the focus is on the future and what that will mean for legal businesses.

This new report, tomorrow’s naked lawyer, builds on the current thinking on a variety of subjects and explores and challenges conventional thinking and wisdom with regard to marketing, branding, technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the future of law during the period of 2015 to 2045.

This report focuses on the impact artificial intelligence is currently having and will inevitably have on the black and white letter of the law. The author poses challenging questions about where society, the market, and the legal eco-system is moving (and where the law is lagging behind), all the while providing practical solutions in relation to the psychology and skills that you will need to future proof your career and/or your business.

Based on compelling research from a wide spectrum of resources and fields, and with input from numerous authoritative and respected global leaders within the legal profession and far beyond, the report describes the improvements and automations that may be made for your personal good, the client good, the legal business good, and for the good of legal justice systems throughout the world.

A glimpse at the content...

  • Practical advice, case studies and examples to help you and your business grow
  • Examples from IBM, Google, UBS, DAS, LexisNexis, and Peppermint Technology
  • Contributions from eminent, and world renowned professionals, leading thinkers, scientists, technologists, futurists, and entrepreneurs
  • Some storytelling and cheekiness in true naked lawyer style!

It’s time to start providing answers and solutions to how we can embrace NewTech and the NewHuman by creating NewLaw and still be successful. tomorrow's naked lawyer does exactly this.

It is an important read for anyone, anywhere in the world, who is curious about the future of law and how to prepare for it.

Lawyers, non-lawyers, suppliers, consultants, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, YOU … enjoy the tomorrow's naked lawyer journey!


  • Chapter 1: new and sexy law law land
  • Chapter 2: trends, tips, and robot hits
  • Chapter 3: our robotic life, 2015 to 2045
  • Chapter 4: tomorrow’s naked lawyer
  • Chapter 5: SocialHuman
  • Chapter 6: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw
  • Chapter 7: the age of magic and miracles
£96 (£9.50 p&p)

Chrissie Lightfoot




About the author:

I’m Chrissie Lightfoot, a ‘prominent international legal figure’, an entrepreneur turned solicitor and back again as CEO of EntrepreneurLawyer Ltd, a global consulting business specialising in relationship ‘SocialHuman’ sales and based in the UK. It is an absolute delight and honour to be your host and to have this opportunity again to entertain you.

Bit of background: I am a solicitor (non-practising), consultant, regular international keynote speaker, legal futurist, legal and business commentator, a writer, and ‘an inspirational woman entrepreneur’. In 2013 I was nominated and honoured as ‘Legal Professional of the Year 2013’, and a ‘Top 100 International Executive’ – as published in the International Top 100 Business Magazine. I love advising you – individual lawyers, entrepreneurs, and your companies – globally on the future of legal services, products and provision, smart legal buying, personal branding, social media, social networking, marketing, business development, innovation, technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics in the law. As a legal and business commentator I am quoted periodically in The Times (London), and the newspaper reported that I was ‘one of the Top Ten Best Legal Tweeters’. So, you’re in safe hands.